Woods Bath and Body Oil by Fig and Yarrow

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Woods Bath and Body Oil by Fig and Yarrow


A grounding and detoxifying arboraceous blend for all skin types; of tremendous benefit for those prone to body blemishes, dimpling, or skin in need of repair.

+ base oils of hemp seed, olive, avocado and grape are richly nutritive and detoxifying.

+ with widespread medicinal use in folk and herbal medicine, comfrey is high in allantoin, a substance that promotes new skin cell growth.

+ derived from the wood and roots of trees, essential oils of atlas cedar, cypress, and virginia cedar bestow a woody, earthy and grounding aura.

+ oil from the juniper berry has been traditionally used for relief from mental and emotional issues; calming nerves and alleviating anxieties while cleansing and detoxifying the skin.

*image and description by Fig and Yarrow

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