Maven Made Facial Serum


Maven Made Facial Serum


The best-seller + for good reason - this all-natural complexion-brightening, anti-aging, acne-busting serum combines elements which offer properties of rejuvenation + regeneration. Expect smoother skin, evened tone, faded scars, reduction in fine lines + a whole lot of compliments.

JOJOBA dissolves excess oil + reduces old + new scars *

EVENING PRIMROSE lightens scars + heals dry, itchy skin *

APRICOT KERNEL balances moisture + promotes youthful complexion

LAVENDER promotes healing + nourishes weathered skin

CARROT SEED rejuvenates skin + stimulates cell growth

GERMAN CHAMOMILE reduces redness + minimizes appearance of broken capillaries

GERANIUM brightens, tones + reduces breakouts

Use as moisturizer: apply 2 – 5 drops in your hand, rub, apply to face + neck in the morning + evening or add a few drops to lotion for an added level of luxury.

Use as oil cleanser: everyone is different, find methods that work for you but here's a good start: Dampen face with warm water to open pores, apply a drops of oil either directly on skin or to warm organic washcloth, massage oil in circular motions on face + neck with washcloth, run washcloth under warm water, massage again to remove oil, rinse washcloth + pat your face dry.

Mindfully-crafted (meaning I didn't make this if I was stressed or in a funky mood) + packaged in a cobalt glass bottle with dropper. All ingredients are ethically-sourced, vegan + kosher certified.

*certified organic

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